Products SignonPro UMS ( Universal MicroFinance System )

Universal Microfinance Solution is an advanced banking solution designed to help Microfinance Institutions face today's dynamic challenges. A robust,comprehensive, integrated component based framework catering to all needs of a modern microfinancial institutions. SignonPro In today’s era of cut-throat competition, UMS can meet the dynamically changing business requirements of banks to make baking , an experience in itself for the customers.

SignonPro UMFS Framework

Product & Business configurator

  • Configure Scheme details and Parameterization for Interest rate structure, fees & commission
  • Business rules configuration

Customer Cube

  • 360 degree view of a borrower
  • KYC norms made easy

Transaction Process

  • User friendly browser based interface
  • Online posting
  • Multi level approvals
  • Audit trials
  • Periodical processing


  • Standard operational reports for Loan Accounting
  • Statutory reports for regulatory requirements
  • Reconciliation reports across all modules
  • General Ledger, P&L and Balance sheet for Financial Accounting
  • Export to PDF & Excel Format


  • Data Extraction from Lending Automation
  • Integration with Credit Management System
  • Online up-dation of Financial Accounting System
  • Extended interface with SignonPro Mobile Branch for Microfinance, SHG & NGO operations

SignonPro UMFS

Lending Activities performed using UMFS

  • Group Registration Fee Collection
  • Individual Customer Creation, Group Creation
  • Loan application Entry and Processing
  • Loan Account Creation
  • Loan Contract Creation with Schedules at Individual Level
  • Disbursement
  • Loan Contract Authorization and Fund Transfer
  • Issue of Smart Card to the Trust Bank’s Individual Customer