SwiftCore - Total Banking Solution

Saraswat Infotech Pvt. Limited offers SwiftCore, a robust and highly efficient core banking solution for addressing the dynamically changing needs of the banking industry in a global scenario.

Implementing SwiftCore would enable banks to provide its customers, a delightful banking experience at ANYTIME from ANYWHERE in the world.

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Transflow Versa

TransFlow is a state-of-the-art application framework for automating the business processes for service oriented companies. The core module of this solution is such that various functional modules can be plugged in depending on the customer requirements. This application would help in simplifying the processes and enhance the productivity and accuracy of an organization. It provides for project tracking, costing and, in a broader sense, for process definition, implementation, monitoring and refinement. It was developed in a generic way so as to be easily adaptable to the changing needs of a dynamic environment.

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SignonPro Mobile Branch (Mbr) is real-time banking extended through handheld / mobile devices. It enables the bank to automate the field activities and ensure business continuity as well as penetration to those regions where communication is a constraint. This is a solution designed exclusively for the BFSI industry.

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